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Brad Franklin: Hip-Hop’s Seat at the Table

Hip-hop may be the most influential genre in popular music but its artists are not always seen as community leaders in other contexts. Brad Franklin...
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Marshall Ramsey: Confessions of a Cartooning Warrior

Prolific content creators are often seen as lucky winners of the genetic talent lottery. That myth is frequently debunked by professional creatives who rely on...
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Jill Conner Browne: Becoming the leader and object of a cult in 20 years or less

Jill Conner Browne tells her amazing story of creating something from nothing by doing what made her heart sing. She is the multiple #1 New...
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Tim Fielder: Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism is an idea that has driven Tim Fielder’s remarkable career as a cartoonist and creative community leader. His talk is practical, inspiring, and hilarious,...
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