Marshall Ramsey

Marshall Ramsey is Mississippi-based editorial cartoonist, author and media personality. The two-time Pulitzer Finalist’s editorial cartoons are syndicated nationally by Creators Syndicate and have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today and The Clarion-Ledger.

He is the author of several successful books including two cartoon collections, the short story collection, Fried Chicken and Wine and the the children’s book Banjo’s Dream. Ramsey has also illustrated seven children’s books for his cousin, financial expert Dave Ramsey, five of which appeared in Chick-fil-a kid’s meals, and has illustrated Nobody’s Poet for chef and author Robert St. John. His first book Marshall Ramsey’s Greatest Hits was a local best seller. Ramsey is also the host of the weekly statewide radio program, Now You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

A native of Marietta, Georgia, Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He is a melanoma survivor and has been honored by the Melanoma Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society for his work with promoting skin cancer screening.